Arrangements by an air-carrier… what a shame!

I happened to travel from Bangalore to Hyderabad last weekend. Since I had a hectic schedule during day, I booked the 10pm JetLite flight. Upon reaching the airport, I was informed that the flight is late by 50 minutes.

That’s ok… given that flights are no better than Indian Railways in terms of timings, at least most of them if not all.

Well, the flight landed at 11pm. We were able to depart only by around 11:45pm, for whatever reasons. Landed Hyderabad at 12:40am or so.

And the best part is… there was only one bus carrier to take us to the port from the flight. I think I’ll upload the video that I captured. It’s almost 1am in the morning and what the passengers are expected to do — stand and wait for the pickup vehicle. What a shame!

 I took JetLite (the erstwhile Sahara Airlines) after a couple of years… in emergency and hoping that after being in the Jet stable it would have improved. Not a single sign!!

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