I should not become obsolete

I started my day today on a slightly lazy note. Having spent a late night-out yesterday, it seemed like a never ending sleep in the morning. But then, it’s the work that does something weird to me – all my sleep is gone.

At times I wonder and find lucky of the guys who are into software development or otherwise. Lucky that they get and wonder how they get, all the time in the world to update their daily diary.

Over a period of time, life and work tends to become monotonous. But, not surprisingly, that is never a case with a trainer. The moment a trainer fails to update himself, he may be losing the race. Specially so with trainers in IT. Poor guys like me always on the run. I know I have to reinvent myself daily.

During my sleep at night, several changes may have happened to the IT world. I must ensure I do not become obsolete. The moment I become one, I would be a waste — read to be garbage collected. And that’s one of the primary reasons I don’t a time to “update my daily diary”.

Meanwhile, several changes have happened in the company recently. Right from team to structure to tie-ups and joint-ventures. Now, do I sound big? Well, not really.

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