Sad State of Indian Politics and Worse state in Security

The TOI article “Security scenario grim, admits Govt” comes as a shock to me.

Excerpt: “Briefing the Cabinet on Friday on the terror strikes on Jaipur, national security adviser M K Narayanan painted a grim, if accurate, scenario”.

Now if – National Security Adviser – the top security person in the country expreses his inability to resolve the matters or even get the coordination between various parties involved – the Prime Minister’s Office, State Governments, Research and Analysis Wind (RAW), Intelligence Bureau (IB) – how can you expect the “real men” to do their work effectively.

And added to this are two worse situations:

  • Home grown terror is increasing faster. Whatever be the actual groups, they are slowing creating or finding base within India itself. Now, if there’s an insider doing all this work, it becomes impossible for the castle to be safe
  • The terror outfits are increasingly finding base along the eastern borders, specially, Bangladesh. I am not quite sure but I feel that ISI and other agencies still have the memories of East Pakistan and how it was freed as Bangladesh by India.

We really have to see how safe and secure we are.

And if the PMO is involved in just saving the face of the government, Gods save the country! I don’t think even armed forces will be able to do it.

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