Beggars and Beggary in India

Being a weekend, I had to complete several pending work items, for which I had to travel several parts of the city (Bangalore / Bengalooru, of course) today.

I was shocked and surprised to see the number of beggars “deployed” at the junctions / signals. The kids seem to have done well off – at least few things could not be made hidden – but are into beggary.

Looking at one of girls – somewhere in the age of 14-16yrs – my wife’s remark was astonishing, “See, her face looks so fresh. Why can’t she join a retail showroom”. Though it may have been a bit exaggeration because at showrooms / malls, looks is not the only thing. “English” is also the other important thing, at least in Hindustan (Oh yes, it’s better known as India).

Now, is the government and police doing to stop this “child labour”? Well, I read in some magazine / newspaper some time back that few “influential” and “connected” people are involved in the “business of beggary”.

And if that is true, again, God save the Country!

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