Windows Image Acquisition and Windows Portable Devices

I had been working with WIA (for Windows XP) and WIA 2.0 (for Windows Vista) to design an application to capture images.

WIA for Windows XP works perfectly fine. And WIA 2.0 is supposed to do the same on Vista.

And then, I hit a hurdle – WIA 2.0 always gives me “0 devices” while using EnumDevices method. Finally, I hit yet another set of documents – Windows Portable Devices (WPD) here.

What the heck! Do I need to rewrite the entire application for Windows Vista? What does Microsoft want? Spend all time and money only to rewrite entire code every time a new version is released from their side?

At times, I really hate to develop any application on Windows.

The only good thing, at least at moment as it seems, is .Net Framework. At least, there I need to do minimal work. I wish it was the same case elsewhere also.

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