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Hello, World!

Finally, I got some time – albeit just past midnight – to look into Facebook API. And as history goes with me, I was looking for that “Hello, World!” application.

And then my Mindless Mind©… once again thought of asking Google to show about some interesting things about “Hello, World!”. Well, basically, I was searching for the original code — no, no, not the “Programming in C” by K&R — but the one at Bell Labs, by Kernighan in “Programming in C: A Tutorial”.

I got some really pages, listed below, worth looking into: Read more …

Scaling out to 200million hits per day

Today I happened to have a discussion with one of the “core team” members of a startup in USA (don’t ask me what that is up to — I’m never gonna tell that).

Anyway.. the interesting part of the discussion was how to go about designing and implementing a system to support an average of 200 million hits per day. A big number? Well, if we translate it to lower base, it turns out to be lower than 2500 hits per second.

Of course, you need a cluster – web-server cluster, load-balancer, sticky-sessions (to be avoided completely), distributed database, machine configuration etc etc etc.

The real questions are: Read more …