The worst state of Indian Politics?

I have never heard a statement as shameful as the one issued by one of the ex-Prime Ministers of India yesterday. Well, I learnt this at CNN IBN.

He says, “Will wait to be approached by the winning party”.

I don’t really know what he meant. But whatever little or better understanding that I have, what he means to say is, “I cannot win of my own. But I want to be either in power or very close to the power. I want to be either the king (but cannot do it directly since I cannot win) or the king-maker. So, don’t forget me.”

I consider it “A Shame!”.

I wish we had something good.

At the moment, all I can say and urge, specially the young Indians and the large pool of Software Engineers, IT Professionals, BPO Executives and other literates, “Please! Get up. Go out. Vote!”

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