The new Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad

The new international aiport at Hyderabad is definitely a big chnage against the old one. Infact, I somehow found it better than the upgraded Mumbai airport. Probably, one of the reasons for that may be that the Mumbai airport – already an international one – was upgraded without changing the location. Whereas, at Hyderabad, it’s a whole new location altogether.

Now, I would be eager to see how the new Bangalore airport fares as comparision to the other ones.

Frankly speaking, I do not have high hopes looking at the pace at which the things I have seen here for the last three years and the will power of the state government for looking into the long term.

Having said that, I still have decent hopes from the Public Private Parternship (PPP, as they call it in short).

So, waiting eagerly for the new airport to open. But yes, will be a little disappointed because of the distance. I will have to plan at least 4-5 hours in advance. Don’t really know if I will get any benefit travelling to Hyderabad. Chennai – I anyway prefer the overnight train. Just lie down and enjoy the sleep.

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