Google Web Toolkit 2.0 (GWT 2.0)

Google Web Toolkit 2.0 has finally been released! And it’s exciting. There are quite a few updates. Do have a look at

Few things that I personally like:

  • Development mode as opposed to hosted mode. So, now I can ask my colleague in Stanford to test application that I host here or vice-versa –we don’t need to exchange Eclipse environment. Selenium Remote Control (Selenium RC) integration just rocks!
  • Speed Tracer is a great thing to have for Google Chrome. For starters, it’s like Firebug for Firefox.
  • Code Splitting is finally here. It was always in my wish-list, coming a Dojo background 😉
  • UiBinder – using templates to create the interface. Although, the Dojo template engine is 100x better
  • And finally… unit testing that I never made use of the way GWT originally provided has support for headless browser – HtmlUnit. HtmlUnit is something indispensable for web application developers and testers.
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