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Minow is not Wordpress - Wordpress on Google App Engine

I think this is a dream for almost every blogger… well, at least my and at least hundreds of thousands of others.

Most of the other results that you’ll find on search engines relating to WordPress and Google App Engine are about running WordPress on GAE/J by using Caucho Quercus – a bridge between PHP and Java. However, if running / simulating PHP on Java was that easy, PHP on GAE would not have been most starred issue.

And that made me think… how about creating, may be, yet another blog engine for GAE. And what better than taking clues from WordPress.

So, that gave birth of Minow, acronym for Minow Is Not WordPress. Yes, it’s a recursive acronym – see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recursive_acronym for what I mean.

I just got a basic, brute forced, version of Minow up and running on GAE. It’s available at http://minow-web.appspot.com/.

(Thanks to YChong for the WordPress Nest Theme that I’ve gotten started with as a PoC).

Screenshot of what’s working:


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