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Mojito Hello World now live on Nodester

Mojito Hello World now live on Nodester

My earlier “Hello World” case studies are now live at http://m10v-helloworldapp.nodester.com/


btw, in case you are wondering how I got the Mojit up and running using “node server.js” than the regular “mojito start“, read my last post at http://www.m10v.com/2012/06/yahoo-mojito-on-standard-node-servercloud/

And here goes what it looks like:

Yahoo! Mojito on standard Node Server/Cloud

Yahoo! Mojito on Node Server - Nodester

Getting started with Yahoo! Mojito is pretty straightforward. The only catch is, you must issue a mojito start command.

The problem that we get into is that most of the public Node.js clouds have no idea about this new command. All they know to do is node server.js

Recently I tried my hands with Nodester (www.nodester.com). Standard mojito code failed since server.js only instantiated an HTTP server but did not listen.

With inputs from Terry on making the server listen, I was able to run Mojito application on Nodester.

The original discussion between Terry and myself is at http://groups.google.com/group/nodester/browse_thread/thread/e35c7eb3b122ff01

The running application is provisioned at http://gvtestapp.nodester.com/@HelloMojit/index

UPDATE: The application is now available at http://gvtestapp.nodester.com/