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July with 5 weekends once in 823yrs – Know the truth

For last few days, I have been getting spam about the awesomeness and rarity of July with 5 weekends… something that is being claimed to happen once in 823 yrs. It’s all bullshit. Search on Google for “823 years July five weekends” something around it, and you’ll see great results. Once such URL is Even Times of India (the ad and sex newspaper of India) write this in their article here.

I happen to be a mathematician at heart. Reading these news, I got reminded of a calendar that I given to my father by an MR when I was in VIIth standard – that’s about 18-19yrs ago. The calendar was of some 150+ years. I was excited to get such a calendar. And then observing it closely and using some maths – though very trivial now – I realized the Gregorian Calendar repeats itself every 28yrs.

This is how… if there were no leap years, each year would have been for 365 days, that means, the calendar will advance by 1 day a week every year (365 mod 7 = 1), and hence will repeat every 7 yrs. Because every 4th year is a leap year, the reptition happens every LCM(4, 7) = 28yrs.

And in may be around 15-20minutes, I created a infinitely-usable calendar.

Ok. I admit, I have not taken into account 100yr factor… but it can be taken up.

Coming back to this 823yrs crap, and to verify my stats, I just went to and this is what I got: as the calendar of 1983!(2011 – 28 = 1983).

Check it out closely… the month of July. What does it read — 5 weekends.

And so goes the calendars of 2011 +/- 28*n where n can be any number. Let’s just checkout the calendar of 2011 – 28 * 10 = 1973. Visit this: and you’ll know the truth.

Thanks for being enlightened! Yet another reason why I hate media… these uneducated people write news that impacts the masses. IMHO, these newspapers and media houses should be banned… donno about any criminal cases of misinformation or anything can be put against them!

On becoming “Double Chachu”

And finally, the d-day has come. My friend and business colleague, Umakant, has been blessed with a daughter – Goddess Laksmi for the second time in his family! Sooo lucky :)

The name is Yana, meaning “Precious to God”. See Yana andIoannes.
Here are some photos…

[showtime bgcolor=’#fcd77f’ width=’480′ height=’640′]

Blogs up and running again

After months of hard-work and some mail exchanges with my hosting provider, I finally got my blogs up and running again.

The problem that I deciphered from the error logs, that took a while to be enabled, was that upon migration to the new server, the UID / GID was not set appropriately and hence the Apache web server was unable to access the files and ended up in throwing a 500 error.

Anyway… better late than never.

Trip to Shirdi – Traveling to Manmad

This time I am not alone. Infact, I will soon be joining the entire family. Renu and I left Bangalore yesterday night for Manmad. And so did Papaji and Mammi from Lucknow. What more, Vaibhav will join us from Mumbai!!

So, a full family gathering at Manmad – a half for us en route Shirdi.

Yesterday, when I looked at the final reservation charts, I was a little confused as to what is PQWL and that too two people were alloted the same seat. Then it turned out that the other person will board at Manmad.

That was 7pm yesterday evening.

And then the compartment where our seats were confirmed, the remainder of it was alloted to a family from Tamil Nadu but now settled in Bangalore.

So, we shifted for “seat exchange”.

That was a live compartment because of family and kids. And this is a real dumb one with people confined to themselves.

Anyway, that’s how the life also is – a journey with lots of twists.

Because of cold and no-pillow head-rest during sleep last night, Renu’s back – neck specifically – is in pain. She just can’t turn her head around right now.

Waiting for Manmad to get down and get some medicines for her.

So, we should reach by 3pm. My parents should arrive by 2pm while Vaibhav by 12-1pm! Hurray!

My life is a Journey – Journey of my life

A journey ends and another begins. That’s the journey of my life for the past 3 years or so. Today, I’m on my way to Ernakulam. Yes, it’s the train once again. Open windows allowing me to have a closer look at the countryside.

The lush green farms. The dense forest-like trees. The hazy clouds. The cool and cold breeze. The wet soil. The सौंधी odour. It’s back to be in self again.

I seem to have found the lost touch.

Tomorrow it will be trainings once again. It will be consulting, product development, biz plan – all the nasty stuff again. But right now, I stop writing.

Let me enjoy the real life!

Trip to my hometown – 2: The Action Begins

Good Morning!

We are in train en-route to hometown. Just crossed Secunderabad – where “The train does not halt presently” – but still stopped because of change of engine. And we hope something similar at Jhansi. Let’s see how and what happens.

The next halt is in Nagpur at 5:20pm. And it seems to be in total control of time – at least as of now.

What a journey! Across the countryside. With all windows open – Hey! We’re in the Sleeper Class and not A.C. Gotcha! :)

Trip to my hometown – 1: Let the action begin

The day is over with the training? No really! The action begins now.

There is already a curfew in Shivajinagar because of Hindu-Muslim riots. Don’t really know when these people with learn. As if they don’t have any other work.

There we – Ashish and myself – need to leave for Lucknow tonight. Couldn’t get a ticket in Ktka Express. Got in Sampark Kranti. Have to get down at Jhansi. And the best part is – the train does not stop at Jhansi!

So, there is a lot of action already waiting for me.

Trip to Airport

My training finished early today, because we were supposed to leave out some of the topics.

And I had to leave for the new airport at Hyderabad for my 8:45pm, errr…. 9:45pm flight. Yes, that’s where the fun is!

There were three options for me:

  • Take an auto rickshaw all the way to the airport
  • Take a taxi all the way to the airport
  • Take an auto / taxi to either the old airport or to a place called Mehdipatnam, and catch the AeroExpress bus to the airport.

When I left my hotel room, I had 9:45pm in my mind. And I thought, let’s have fun! Haven’t done adventure trips for a long time now.

So, finalized on the last option.

Left the room at around 5:30pm. Got into the auto rickshaw and reached Mehdipatnam at, surprisingly, around 6 o’clock.

And I was feeling a little hungry. And also noting that the Air Deccan flight, well – the last option left for me, does not serve dinner. Hey, after all it’s a low cost, no-frills carrier. Getting down from the auto, I enquired about the departure place for the bus. And then, I suddenly saw a host of eatouts attracting me to have something in the snacks.

I fed myself with a plate of chicken noodles, and got a water bottle for the way.

Now put yourself in my shoes and imagine that you start walking down to the bus-stop. You start walking down instead of taking another auto because you find that, firstly, the place is only about 1km away and secondly, the rickshaws are charging an earth. Asking few traffic policemen and local people, you are finally nearing the bus-stop.

As you are about to reach the stop – it’s only 50m left, you see the big, blue AeroExpress starting to move. It won’t help screaming or yelling because there’s a lot of traffic and the driver is well seated in the air conditioned bus.

And whoosh! The bus is gone. :(

You ask the incharge about the next bus. He tells 7 o’clock. And adds, “It will reach the airport in the next one hour.” You start thinking hard, “Should I take an auto from here now.”

You ask, “How much with the auto charge.”

“They charge Rs 300”, he responds.

And you are stunned!

Added to that, you think, “Oh! No. The flight is at 8:45pm and the bus starts at 7pm.” (Go back to the second paragraph, and you now know the catch.)

What do you do now? You say, “Ok. Let’s wait.”

You open the laptop and start writing this blog entry, waiting for the 7pm bus. You anxiously open the mail to confirm the ticket timings. You have won! It’s 9:45 and not 8:45. You are relieved.

And then the shocker. At 6:58, the incharge tells you that there has been technical fault with the scheduled bus. The next will arrive at 7:30pm. He, out of care and worry, enquires you about the time. You respond, “No problem. My flight is at 9:45pm.”

You connect to the internet and post this entry!

I should not become obsolete

I started my day today on a slightly lazy note. Having spent a late night-out yesterday, it seemed like a never ending sleep in the morning. But then, it’s the work that does something weird to me – all my sleep is gone.

At times I wonder and find lucky of the guys who are into software development or otherwise. Lucky that they get and wonder how they get, all the time in the world to update their daily diary.

Over a period of time, life and work tends to become monotonous. But, not surprisingly, that is never a case with a trainer. The moment a trainer fails to update himself, he may be losing the race. Specially so with trainers in IT. Poor guys like me always on the run. I know I have to reinvent myself daily.

During my sleep at night, several changes may have happened to the IT world. I must ensure I do not become obsolete. The moment I become one, I would be a waste — read to be garbage collected. And that’s one of the primary reasons I don’t a time to “update my daily diary”.

Meanwhile, several changes have happened in the company recently. Right from team to structure to tie-ups and joint-ventures. Now, do I sound big? Well, not really.