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Love your work but do live life

It is 8am and I am just done watching Indira Nooyi, a lady that I admire, one-on-one with Barkha Dutt at NDTV Profit.

There were a lot of takeaways from the discussion but there is something that I want to take home and wish that you do too.

She writes mail, composes on Tuesday locking herself for 15 minutes and sends on Thursday, to 200 executives once every
fortnight on various topics ranging from business to career to personal.

Here’s the crux of one of her mails.

Indira and her husband would see-off their daughter daily for her school. One the first day of every grade, they would
take the photos and capture some precious moments.

One fine day, carrying forward the tradition, they were to take the photos, the daughter says, “Hey! I’m driving to college”.
And suddenly it was a reality check for them… their “little daughter” has grown up, time has passed by swiftly.

So, while it is good to be in business, great to be involved full heart and mind in work, do live your life to fullest and give
time to family and friends because time flies quickly and it never turns back.

And it reminds me of… “If only I could turn back time”.

Long time no see… a primer

“Long Time No See”

Phrase. Can be used as a full sentence.

n: State of absence, non-presence, non-visibility.

Hindi: चौदवी का चाँद

Example: I wrote my last entry in September last year. It’s been around 5 months since. The world has changed. My world changed. I changed, but my blog did not.

A Trainer’s Life is always filled with Fun

As I mentioned in one of my earlier postings that I had to do study of some internal stuff in Team Foundation Server – mainly related to Custom Check-in Policies, Custom Work Item UI Controls, Custom Alerts and Notifications (Events) etc.

I reached the client’s office (office gate to be precise) at around 8:25am. The company premises has about a dozen entrances because of the sheer size of the campus.

After going around a couple of gates, found the correct gate. As what the professionalism says, the security was informed about our (my colleague and mine, who else) arrival. So, no problems in getting the visitor pass.

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Indian Cricket and Sports

There is one thing that Indian media has done to the cricket. They have removed it from the “list of sports”. I think there would be no channel that does not say “Criket News” followed by “Sports News”. Guddie! :)

But what has worried me is the partiality in coverage.

When Zee Sports announced Indian Cricket League (ICL) with Kapil Dev, one of the greatest captains of the Indian cricket team and the only one to get the World Cup home, it got a very little coverage in any form of media.

Even in the leading daily, The Times of India, I would find only a couple of paragraphs lying in some corner of the page.

Now come Indian Premier League (IPL), and all forms of media cover it.

Why is that the cricket promoted by Kapil Dev is not worth coverage while the one that resulted in “sale of crickets” is for everything.

In fact, I say, “Wow! Human beings auctioned”. I thought that till now only antiques, animals, buildings etc were auctioned.

So, do these cricketers fall in any of these categories? Or they are just cricketers, playing cricket which, by the standards of India media does not fall in the category of sports.

Whatever be it, I am truly enjoying the fun. I’m enjoying the cricket – I enjoyed ICL and now am enjoying IPL. And then, I enjoy tennis and the recent controveries in it. I enjoy Premier Hockey League (PHL) and the recent controversies in Indian National Hockey. I enjoyed recent interest in Football.

Thanks to Zee Sports for reviving several sports. And thanks to Zee Sports to put up a face against BCCI, which simply fails to be answerable because it considers itself a private authority controlling Indian Cricket. And thanks to Zee Sports’ ICL – because it was only because of ICL that IPL became a reality where human beings were auctioned!

Who does not love controveries? Mirch Masala, eh! :)