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I have always wanted to a start a series on Android, noting that I have now spent over 3yrs working on Android, mainly at the application level (what you touch and play with on the device) and at times at the middleware level (drivers and codecs, that runs without your knowledge in the background).

So, I finally I have a go… as and when I get time, I will be writing articles on various application development aspects relating to Android. And no, I am definitely not planning to write another “Hello World” tutorial. You can search on Google for several such tutorials on the web.

I will be writing the stuff on the aspects “Beyond Hello World”.

Facebook targeting Orkut!

Have you noticed?

I noticed this …

Orkut Ad on Facebook

Asks you to export and download (as CSV file) the friend-list from Orkut and upload it on Facebook.

Facebook to Orkut Import