Minow now has multiple themes

Minow using Shaken-Grid Theme

Yesterday, I tested the Minow framework with another theme that I personally like because of simplicity and card-layout – Shaken Grid. As earlier, I am not the owner or maintainer of the theme, I just ported it to Minow.

I did this experiment to identify theme-requirements early (lean methodology) with minimum efforts and resources.

The result is some changes in the Minow Engine to serve images, CSS and JavaScript content with appropriate content-type from the template folder noting that the actual theme template should not be accessible directly (read: raw).

To summarize what’s available as of now is:

  • Theme, with templates based on Freemarker.
    As of now, the choice of template is based on query string (as PoC). Eventually, it will be configurable.
  • Localization, with locales based on ISO-639 and ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codes.

And the results are available at:

Screenshot of what’s working:

Notice: This work is licensed under a BY-NC-SA. Permalink: Minow now has multiple themes

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