Processing Shortcodes in a post in Minow

Minow with Shortcode processing

Minow can now process short-codes. Well, it started doing so almost a month back… just that I never got time to update my blog.

As of now, the short-code processor has been encapsulated in a simple interface that does the processing of a short-code with attributes. At, you may notice YouTube videos embedded in the posts. They are not hard-coded HTML but processed using the YouTube short-code processor.

I still need to model and design the administration part of all the plugins, widgets, short-code processors and other extensions. There are few challenges that I have at my hand:

  • Give extension the ability to define the configurable attributes and their default values, if applicable
  • Give extension the ability to create a fancy, easy to use and portable-across-devices user interface to use the configuration
  • The question, however, is – should it user-interface be verbose using Freemarker templates or an easy-to-define view with default / advanced renderers or a mix of the two (most complex to define and implement)?

Let me ponder over it… hopefully, something should be ready soon.

Anyway, here is how the sample website looks like presently.


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