Nuclear Supplier Group – NSG Waiver, China, India and the World

On Saturday night, I watched the interview with Dr A P J Abdul Kalam and if he feels happy about the deal, I know we have really made a breakthrough.

I would have never believed any politician about the goodness or the adversity of the NSG waiver – be it from Congress, BJP or any other party.

But when the Nuclear-Man of India feels satisfied, it definitely would have made sense.

In the interview, I noted something intersting – the Thorium reserves that we have at the southern-tip of the nation; and also the Uranium reserves that a few of the states have. And I think the only thing that we really need is technology. And of course if we can get high-quality Uranium supply from other countries, we can keep our reseves and use them only in emergency – something what USA has kind-of done with their petroleum reserves.

China, undoubtedly tried to play spoil sport. And I am – probably for the first time – proud of India’s External Affairs Minister – Pranab Mukherjee by sending strong words to China. However, as I see the his interview at CNN-IBN with Rajdeep Sardesai, I feel a little sorry. Anyway, at the highest levels, diplomats need to be diplomatic. “Whatever has to be told, has been told”, says Pranab. :)

And I am really amused – though not surprised – when China demands NSG waiver for Pakistan for “geopolicital balance”. Ha ha ha ha! What a joke! I really pity such remarks… it’s like reading Dilbert or R K Laxman’s “Common Man”. God Bless!

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