LearnG™ – The Learning Genius?

LearnG™ 2 is finally out! And I’m loving it.

LearnG™ is a plug-in for Microsoft Office PowerPoint (2003, 2007  and 2010) that can help one create learning nuggets with ease.

I now use it to record all my training sessions. Currently, it can record the presentation, audio and video and create a synchronized output. It has a simple but extensive template engine that can be used to create output in any desired structure. Well, the output is in a format that can be pushed onto web.

And the best part… it can create AICC and SCORM compliant nuggets.

I use it as a multimedia content authoring tool — no pre-production setup, no post-production editing. All that I need to do is incline my laptop screen appropriately so that it’s focussed at correct location (of course, I can change it during recording), turn on the mic and start my presentation. It records the entire slide-show as I do with the audio+video synchronized.

The default template that comes with it has support for:

  • Branding (I can have my own logo on the page)
  • Video (default – AVI file with Windows Media player for windows, VLC Media Player for Linux)
  • Presentation Slidese
  • Table of Contents (automatically inferred from the slides — of course, can customize)

On the recording options side, I have a variety of options available:

  • Select video-input device, specially if there are multiple connected
  • Select audio-input device, specially if multiple available
  • Select the audio codec with compression options
  • Select the video codec with compression options — can create DivX videos also (say, using Xvid or DivX codec)
  • Configure all device properties (brightness, contrast, blah blah blah)
  • Configure capture properties (frame rate, video size etc)
  • Well, I can do an audio mix also — from mic + audio-being-played-on-machine

I’ll try to upload a sample video output from the application. It’s simply amazing! And guess what… it’s not as pricey as TechSmith Camtasia (which costs around US$ 300)!

Contact me if you want to purchase a perpetual license. Screen-shots on the way… :)

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