Events during training on Monday

Without any introduction, let me just list down some intersting events of the day…

Reached the entry gate of the company premises only to find that the contact person is on leave.

The contact person did not delegate his responsibilities, if at all any, to somebody else.

Upon reaching the training room, there was not a single computer for the audience to lay hands on for the case studies. Hey, you know that it’s an IT Training.

During the break, we figured out the way to the pantry for tea. For one of the vending machines, the tea preparation was supposed to be as usual – take milk, use the tea-bag and add sugar. But to take the tea from the jar, there was no spoon.

Ok! I told a lie. There was spoon, rather a paper spoon crafted probably from the tea-bag box. We somehow managed to get the spoon – though wet – to stir and mix the items. My colleague did it first and then I washed the spoon myself and did the rest for myself.

Now, that’s called self sevice. Even for the guests.

And again, my colleague remarked, “The company is still the same as it was back in mid-90’s”.

What more – this company is one of the top IT services companies of the country, and one of the most respected ones.

But I don’t think I’ll ever have any respect for the company, ever.

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