Customizing Team Foundation Server

Yes, that’s what I am doing for couple of days.

No, it’s not about customizing how TFS works but looking at the integration points. In short, the TFS SDK.

The following items are the items on my radar immediately:

  • Customizing WorkItem Types
  • Creating custom fields
  • Creating custom UI controls during WorkItem display in Visual Studio
  • Creating custom check-in policies
  • And making all of them backed by some database?

Well, I have already worked with the first two items – creating custom fields and customizing WorkItem types, predominantly using custom fields and choosing the layout – several times.

Now, I need to master the remaining items.

And yes, it’s mainly for Edujini™, my baby. So, what I promise is that once I am through with my experiments, I will publish them at Eduzine™ and Edujini Downloads™.

Notice: This work is licensed under a BY-NC-SA. Permalink: Customizing Team Foundation Server

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