Android MVC – Stable Release and Case Study

Yes! The code has moving quite fast… now from Beta– to Beta- as I see it ;).

And soon, the Android MVC project should move up to real Beta.

The Http-Commands have been made more robust with better error handling. Controller has been enhanced to provide support for registering activities dynamically.

What still remains pending is activity-stack management by the Controller – which otherwise is done by the Android OS. The stack management is not a trivial task, however for an application it will provide some interesting bits. Firstly, it’d be great for a single-Activity-at-a-time application without too many overheads. Secondly, the Controller will some enhancements to ensure that forward-and-back work without too many duplicates in the UI as what happens in several applications as of now.

As usual… the code can be browsed at:

And Oh Yes… to login, use these credentials – username: “gvaish”, password: “password” (without quotes).

Notice: This work is licensed under a BY-NC-SA. Permalink: Android MVC – Stable Release and Case Study

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