Adobe Flex, RIA and Web 2.0

Last week I delivered a week long training on Adobe Flex 3 (yet again). Apart from the technologies – Adobe Flex and ActionScript – the training aimed to focus on Web 2.0 and RIA.

Web 2.0 and RIA, today, are more or less established philosophies.

However, what I think is that the world is heavily divided on which framework / toolkit to go for. Most of the web revolves around JavaScript & Ajax and/or Flash & ActionScript. Slowly and gradually, Silverlight & WPF/JavaScript seems to be making inroad on the development front – not quite sure how fast.

So, I thought let me try to compile a few frameworks (partial list inspired from the one at Wikipedia):

Barring Adobe Flex, all other frameworks use a common technology – JavaScript and Ajax.

However, some toolkits like Dojo uses / used Flash for offline storage. Some of them are moving to Google Gears for offline store.

And at the moment, I have to rush to the market… will build on this in my subsequent articles.

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