A Trainer’s Life is always filled with Fun

As I mentioned in one of my earlier postings that I had to do study of some internal stuff in Team Foundation Server – mainly related to Custom Check-in Policies, Custom Work Item UI Controls, Custom Alerts and Notifications (Events) etc.

I reached the client’s office (office gate to be precise) at around 8:25am. The company premises has about a dozen entrances because of the sheer size of the campus.

After going around a couple of gates, found the correct gate. As what the professionalism says, the security was informed about our (my colleague and mine, who else) arrival. So, no problems in getting the visitor pass.

However, to my surprise, there was nobody to guide us to the actual training room. Well, my colleague was not surprised. Just a soft remark, “The company has not changed a bit. It continues to be at same left of professionalism as 12yrs back.”

Finally, we reached the training room (the client’s premises) at around 8:45am in the morning, and as expected, the room was empty. You don’t expect the team to get in to the room at 8:30 if the training is to start at 9 o’clock. However, to my surprise, one person was in the room and he said, “The training is supposed to start at 8am”.

I was amused and little mused. :)

The team was to arrive from Mysore. Guess what — the team started their journey to Bangalore today morning at 5am. Now, that was a shocker to me.

Somebody starts his on-road journey at 5 o’clock in the morning with the expected journey time of 3-3.5hrs. He’s stuck in the traffic jam because of a road-accident, something that’s getting more and more common in and around Bangalore these days. Finally reaches the venue 4-4.5hrs later. And you expect him to directly jump on to learning the new stuff.

And did I tell you that he is supposed to start his return journey at around 5-5:30pm in the evening.

And of course, the management would expect him to productive from the moment he joins his office the next day.

Now some more interesting stuff.

The room was without any machines! And you’re talking about an IT Training. Again, my colleague remarked, “It’s same way the company has been doing since ages.” And if plan to narrate her incident, it would be another blog post 😀

At last, one of the team members got his personal machine that was half-ready but okie-dokie for me to get started off. And I banked up on the same.

And post lunch, we had to switch to another room because of availability problem.

I wish I had even audio recording of the complete session. I would have been a 5-6 episode TV Serial. 😀

I will talk about some “strange stories, amazing facts” about today’s experience in my next post. It has grown too long right now.

Keep watching!

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